Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN General Assembly Speech – Full Version

On Thursday’s radio show Mark Levin spent some time talking about Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations General Assembly earlier in the day and the way he was received by the United States delegation. Although I’ve already posted two short clips of Netanyahu’s speech, the video below contains the full version for those who may be interested. Levin started his talk on the subject with these remarks:

“…At the United Nations today, the leader of the free world, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke. And I believe he made it abundantly clear that if Israel believes that Iran close to getting nukes that they’re going to attack. That’s what I took out of this, one way or another. He also made it clear they’re not going to tolerate attacks on their country by terrorists. And he also made it clear that the United Nations was useless. He stared down everybody in that chamber. He said that given the Holocaust, the loss of six million Jews, what the Iranian government has been saying about wiping out Israel, and not a word comes out of that body, not an official resolution, Nothing. Everybody is silent. And for forty four seconds, he stared at them – forty four seconds. And just so you know when ally the Israeli Prime Minister was speaking, the Secretary of State wasn’t present, Samantha Power, our so-called representative to the UN, she wasn’t present. He had the C-team in there and at one point when the whole chamber was applauding Netanyahu’s speech, they sat on their hands…”

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Obama’s ‘Gun Violence’ Pivot Point

Earlier today, I briefly touched on president Barack Obama’s “hasty” response to the Oregon mass murder tragedy.  Notice that I placed the word, hasty within quotation marks to communicate that although his remarks came very soon after this horrible incident occurred, and before the facts were known, it felt like his words had been written before the shooting happened, and were just waiting on the shelf for an opportunity for him to use them. In the article below, which appeared in, Mark Alexander delved into this more deeply.

Oregon Shooting

By Mark Alexander · Oct. 2, 2015:  On Thursday evening, Barack Obama interrupted the East Coast primetime news hour with a 15 minute press conference.

Obama called the conference to acknowledge the death of six American military personnel, who were killed when an Air Force C-130 crashed in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, three hours before his press conference. Except that’s not actually why he called the press conference — in fact, their commander in chief didn’t even mention them from the podium.

Instead, Obama did what Democrats do every time there’s an opportunity to assail the Second Amendment with an emotionally charged appeal on the blood of innocents.

That’s right. In a crass pivot away from the catastrophic crisis he created in the Middle East, which we learned Wednesday is now putting American and Russian fighter pilots on a collision course for direct confrontation, Obama preempted the primetime news to address the tragic murder of 10 adult students at a Roseburg, Oregon, community college, and the wounding of seven others.

Saying “We should politicize this,” Obama devoted only 80 of his 1,306 word diatribe to the families of those murdered. That would be 6% of his message. His other 1,226 words were about his political gun control agenda and the need for more firearm regulation.

He did not mention what law he wanted to add to the more than 10,000 currently on the federal and state books, but he did mention needing “states and legislatures” on board, which sounded a bit like he was calling for some revision of our Constitution.

According to early accounts, the Oregon assailant targeted Christians for execution, but Obama did not mention that either.

Moments after Obama’s remarks, Steve Hayes, senior editor for The Weekly Standard, boldly expressed my own sentiments: “[Obama] has had an avalanche of bad news over the past 36 hours and I think he is using this shooting to get out from under it. … He’s the one that said we should ‘politicize’ this. Well he did. He’s distracting attention from his other problems.”

Indeed, he disgracefully did just that.

Most of the media talking heads noted variations on this theme: “Obama is passionate about this issue.” No, Obama and his Leftist NeoCom cadres are passionate about increasing the power of the state, and the biggest obstacle to subordinating the American people to this statist agenda is the Second Amendment. When they say “commonsense gun laws” they mean “gun confiscation laws.”

The inconvenient truth about guns is, as the number of legally owned guns has increased, violent crime has decreased, according to the FBI’s statistics — continuing a 12-year decline.

Of course, in those states and cities with the most restrictive gun laws, violent crime is thriving. In Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago, almost 3,000 people have been murdered since Obama took office — and almost all of those murders were related to gang violence. However, Chicago ranks high among those cities with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

Likewise, Oregon has universal background checks, and Umpqua Community College was the latest of “gun free zones” where victims are prohibited from the most effective means of self defense.

In his parting remarks, Obama said, “[T]ally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence, and post those side-by-side.” He lamented the fact that we spend so much on counterterrorism efforts.

But if Obama really wants to “tally up some numbers,” how about starting with the fact that in five states alone (Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Texas), more than 5,400 people have been murdered by illegal aliens. That is more than all Americans killed defending our nation against terrorism in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Or maybe Obama would like to post a comparison with the 327,000 children who are killed on abortion tables every year, 900 of whom died just yesterday.

For the record, “The ultimate authority … resides in the people alone. … [T]he advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any.” —James Madison (1788)

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Netanyahu Addresses the UN – The World is Silent

Ireael’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke at the UN General Assembly on Thursday for over forty minutes. He speaks about the world’s silence to Israel’s plight in this short clip:

“…home to over 6,000,000 Jews. He [Iran’s ruler] pledged: “There will be no Israel in 25 years.” Seventy years after the murder of six million Jews, Iran’s rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing, utter silence, deafening silence.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu then dramatizes and mimics the world’s silence by pausing and staring down the crowd, glaring at them, if you will, for 44 seconds. It seemed like an eternity. He then resumed his speech:

“Perhaps you can now understand why Israel is not joining you in celebrating this deal. If Iran’s rulers were working to destroy your country, perhaps you’d be less enthusiastic about the deal. if Iran’s terror proxies were firing thousands of
rockets at your cities, perhaps you’d be more measured, in your praise, And if this deal were unleashing a nuclear arms race in your neighborhood, perhaps you’d be more reluctant to celebrate.”

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Obama’s Double Header

Just when I wonder if our president can stoop any lower, what happens? He stoops lower. Thursday was a double header:

While the bodies were still warm, he immediately dug into his basket of talking points and called for more gun control after the tragic mass murders at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. That quote from Rahm Emanuel comes to mind: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Saul Alinsky would be proud.

And at the UN, Obama sent his third string team to attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s epic UN Speech. You see, Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Ambassador Susan Power had other, more important plans; they were video conferencing with the President at the same time. How convenient!

Note that when the camera turns to the back-benchers he sent to represent us at Natanyahu’s speech, that they are silent and lifeless while everyone else is applauding!

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On McCarthy’s Benghazi “gaffe”

By Jazz Shaw  October 1st, 2015

By the time I woke up this morning the headlines in the papers and the subject on the lips of the cable news talking heads had swerved away from Russia’s activities in Syria to a new “crisis” in American politics. Shockingly, and against all expectations, <em>a member of Congress had said something dumb. (Insert #HeadDesk hashtag here.)

In case you somehow missed it, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was on Fox News yesterday and was asked to list some of the accomplishments of the Republican majority during this term. The first item on his list was not a terrible choice but his phrasing left something to be desired given the sharp blades of the political meat grinder.

Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought.”

Continue reading at


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Trey Gowdy Grills Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards Ferociously!

There are few things more entertaining than watching the brilliant Trey Gowdy use his rhetorical skills to interrogate those on the left and tear them to shreds.

In this video from this afternoon’s congressional testimony on defunding Planned Parenthood, the GOWD gets president Cecile Richards to admit that she has no problem with abortions done to target a specific gender, or a race.

The question comes at the 3 minute mark, and Cecile stumbles over her answer, but responds that Planned Parenthood is totally cool with abortions that might are made on the basis of killing a girl just because it’s a girl, as they do in China, or because the baby is undesirable because of its race. Pretty despicable.

It appears that Ms. Richards has had a busy career. She is the daughter of former Texas governor, the late Ann Richards. She and her husband, Kirk Adams both worked for the AFL-CIO and she was Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) deputy chief of staff. She has also been involved with other progressive groups. It’s safe to say that she has had lots of experience that prepared her for her current position at PPOA. About Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

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Cecile Richards: ‘Abortion is Healthcare’

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

By Dr. Susan Berry

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards affirms to Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) and other members of the House Oversight Committee her belief that: “Abortion is healthcare.”




Black, the author of a bill that passed the House and would redirect taxpayer funds from Planned Parenthood to other federally qualified health care centers that do not provide abortions, challenged Richards on why she dismissed her legislation as not acceptable to women when those other healthcare centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics 20 to 1. Richards responded that they do not provide abortions and “abortion is healthcare.”

“As a nurse, I will challenge that every time,” Black countered. “Abortion isn’t healthcare.” Dr. Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life (AUL) also tweeted out Richards’ response to Black’s question:

Richards, who said that she once worked as a labor organizer and then for House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), earns nearly $600,000 per year as the head of the nation’s largest provider of abortions. She also receives compensation for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lobbying arm of the organization. Continue reading at

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MARK LEVIN – Donald Trump Tax Plan Could Have Been Proposed by REAGAN

In this clip from Monday’s radio show, Mark Levin discusses Donald Trump’s new tax plan. He said that while there are certain things he disagrees with, that overall, it’s a “hell of a plan.” Below is a partial transcript, which picks up just beyond the five minute mark.

…So this is a very pro-growth plan whether you disagree with some of the specifics or not, this is a very pro-growth plan. Let me say Ronald Reagan could have proposed exactly this plan. I don’t know who is advising him but I suspect it’s people of that sort, with that kind of background. This is not a redistribution of wealth plan; it’s not a tax the rich plan, even though some of the propaganda out there. Even some of the rhetoric from Trump suggested it, It’s clearly not. He’s lowering business taxes, he’s lowering capital gains taxes, he’s lowering the individual income taxes, he’s eliminating the death taxes, no marriage penalty, two and a half trillion dollars he wants to come home into the United States where there’s investments.

There are other things that I do have disagreements with, like I just said, that a significant number of people pay no taxes, I say enough of that. And also he penalizes investment overseas, I don’t buy that. I just don’t buy that. If you do these other things our economy will explode in growth, we saw that under Reagan, that’s exactly what happened. We don’t need to play games with protectionism and phony nationalism and tariffs and all the rest of it, we want to encourage foreign companies to invest in our country and that’s how you do it. We want to encourage our own companies to invest in our country that’s how you do it. This is a tax plan for America. This is pro growth, it’s pro individual, it’s pro employer, it’s pro employee, it’s pro family.

[People ask] “Mark, why are you always defending Trump?” This has nothing to do with defending Trump. Read it. But he ought to be defended for this. Why do I have to join in and all the other cat nipping all the time? I already said I disagree with the no taxes for a significant number of people, So what?

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Ted Cruz: ‘Republican Leadership Leads The Onslaught

Cruz LeadershipBy Katie McHugh

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed Republican leadership on Monday for slavishly serving the interests of major corporations — and worse, leading attacks from the Left on its conservative grassroots base.

The Democrats are “relentless” in pursuing their principles, Cruz said, which include ever-increasing government spending and unlimited abortion rights. They’re “willing to crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to fight for their principles,” Cruz said.

Republican leadership “reflexively surrenders,” Cruz said. “President Obama simply has to utter the word shutdown and Republican leadership runs for the hills.”

Cruz explained three types of votes take place in the Senate: “show votes,” a limp-wristed attempt to placate voters by staging a pre-ordained surrender to Democrats; votes that simply grow government; “must-pass” votes that include continuing resolutions, appropriations bills, and debt ceiling raises.

The Texas senator compared GOP leadership to an NFL coach that declares “we forfeit” at every single coin toss. The “clean” continuing resolution rubberstamps Obama’s hard-left agenda.

“It funds 100 percent of Obama’s agenda, executive amnesty, Obamacare, the Iran nuclear deal. It is essentially a blank check to Barack Obama,” Cruz said. Continue reading at

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School District Bans Game of Tag for Students’ “Emotional Safety”

With all of the huge crises currently happening in the world and in our republic, the breakdown the rule of law and the erosion of our individual liberties, the inevitability a nuclear Iran, illegal immigration, to name a few, isn’t it nice to know that things are also going to hell in a hand basket at local levels. Here’s but one example:

School Tag

by Philip Hodges 09/26/2015

Officials in the Mercer Island School District in Washington State made an executive decision to ban the game of tag on the playground to “ensure physical, emotional safety of students.” Parents weren’t even notified of the decision. They only found out because their kids told them.

Obviously, parents are upset, not just that their kids aren’t allowed to play tag anymore, but also because they weren’t consulted in the school’s decision-making.

The district responded to Q13Fox with this email about their no-tag policy:

“The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently revisited expectations for student behavior to address student safety. This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.

“School staffs are working with students in the classroom to ensure that there are many alternative games available at recess and during unsupervised play, so that our kids can still have fun, be with their friends, move their bodies and give their brains a break.”

When I was a kid, during recess we could take our pick among kickball, four-square (boring), or capture the flag. Sometimes, we’d play dodge ball. Most of the time, everyone else wanted to play kickball. I wasn’t great at kicking a ball, and there was too much standing around. I could run fast though. I always loved it when we got to play capture the flag. Continue reading at

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