AP Images Tweets Their 50 Year Old Cover-Up

The AP covered this travesty up fifty years ago. Now they are tweeting about it. It’s self inflicted egg on their faces. Are they brain dead?

Click the link immediately above to read what people are saying right now.

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50 Years Ago, the Eagle Landed

Astronaut Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. stands next to an American flag planted on the moon, July 20, 1969. (Photo: NASA/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

by Lee Edwards

Let us pause to celebrate the 50th anniversary this Saturday of a mission once thought impossible: the landing of a man on the moon.

Let us proclaim, without embarrassment, that America, and only America, had the requisite leadership, scientific community, and resources to make it possible for Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong to take that giant leap for mankind.

Let us freely admit we needed a kick to get started. That happened when the Soviet Union put the first satellite known as Sputnik in orbit and pushed ahead of the United States in the space race. The Cold War was red hot, and everything was measured on how it affected that global conflict.

As one commentator wrote, “the United States could not afford [a] slight to its technical expertise and economic strength.” Read the rest HERE.

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Social Security is Not a Hand Out

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Liberal’s Tweet Goes Viral: ‘White People Love Dogs Because They Miss Owning Slaves’

Cochillo takes a nap. Source: Dirlei Dionísio / Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

by Michael van der Galien

Scientific research has shown that a great and fascinating — perhaps even mysterious — bond exists between dogs and human beings. They even understand human language.

The love story between dogs and humans goes back tens of thousands of years, the results of which can still be seen everywhere, every single day. Families going out with their dogs, which are carefully groomed, looking extremely healthy and happy. The pet is a real member of the family. His needs are as important to his owners as their own. Because of this close relationship, dogs have developed the ability to perfectly understand us.

Dogs are capable of understanding the emotions behind an expression on a human face. For example, if a dog turns its head to the left, it could be picking up that someone is angry, fearful or happy. If there is a look of surprise on a person’s face, dogs tend to turn their head to the right. The heart rates of dogs also go up when they see someone who is having a bad day, say Marcello Siniscalchi, Serenella d’Ingeo and Angelo Quaranta of the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy. The study in Springer’s journal Learning & Behavior is the latest to reveal just how connected dogs are with people. The research also provides evidence that dogs use different parts of their brains to process human emotions.

Considering these abilities, it’s not so strange that we love dogs so much.

Liberal Twitter-user Danielle (@ladypalerider) has a different explanation for people’s love for dogs, however. Wait. I should’ve written: for white people’s love for our canine comrades. According to her, “white people love dogs so much because deep down they miss owning slaves. They love the owner and master dynamic, desperate for something to control.”

Read the rest HERE.

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Summerfield, Florida: 61-Year-Old Disabled Man Demonstrates EXACTLY “Why You Need an AR-15”

by Daisy Luther

How many times have you seen a gun control debate in which someone chimes in, “Nobody needs an AR-15. What are you going to do, hunt deer with it?” It’s been a busy year for gun control advocates, passing draconian law after draconian law.

Sometimes it’s part of a heartfelt essay, like this, which is just another essay where a man bloviates about his views on high-velocity weapons.

There is no place for high-velocity weaponry in the hands of the citizenry. No number of lengthy oratories by National Rifle Association leadership and pandering politicians will ever justify the deaths this nation has already endured. “Every Marine a Rifleman” is an adage for Marines, not for civilians. We are no longer under the oppressive rule of a foreign king, and it is folly to think that by keeping civilians from such weapons that we risk our republic. We risk nothing more than offending the bloated gun lobby in Washington. But by doing nothing, we continue to risk our children’s lives. (source)

The author of that piece feels that since a pistol isn’t a match for an AR-15, nobody but police and military should be allowed to have one. Read the rest HERE.

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House Votes to Condemn Trump’s Incendiary Comments About Lefty ‘Squad’ – Video Reveals the Truth

by Nikki Schwab and Max Jaeger

The US House of Representatives voted to scold President Trump on Tuesday for his “go back” to your country tweets targeting four non-white congresswomen.
Following a chaotic debate, reps passed a resolution 240-187 largely along party lines that condemned Trump’s comments as “racist.” Read the rest HERE.

Now here’s what he actually said:

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Freedom Requires Free Speech

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Facebook Suspends Radio Host for Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Facebook Suspends Radio Host for Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’

By Alexander Dolhun

If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, you better not call it a duck on Facebook, or you’ll end up like Ken Webster. The radio host at KPRC in Houston says he’s been suspended from the platform for using the phrase “illegal immigrant.”

A July 15 Facebook post from Webster complained that Sheriff Ed Gonzalez does nothing about the “criminal illegal immigrants” that inhabit Harris County, Texas. Shortly after posting, Gonzalez came out with a Tweet saying he “just got suspended from Facebook for seven days.” Read the rest HERE.


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Hey San Francisco, Drop the E-Cig


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THIS is What is Representing Our Country?

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