No Thanks to High-Speed Rail Extension

Some legislators actually listen to their constituents.  And it doesn’t hurt when the tea parties speak up!

Sen. Mike Haridopolos Says Thanks But No Thanks to High-Speed Rail Extension

Gray Rohrer’s blog | Posted: February 25, 2011 5:00 PM

The offer of Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to give Florida an extra week to approve a plan to fund a high-speed rail line that would run from Tampa to Orlando has been rejected by state Senate President Mike Haridopolos.

Here’s his statement:

“Adding another week to the deadline for Florida to take $2.4 billion to build high-speed rail won’t change my mind. No means no. Why is Washington working so hard to spend money it doesn’t have? Instead of letting that money burn a hole in his pocket, Secretary LaHood should send it back to the federal treasury. As our state and country continue to recover from a serious economic downturn, those who were elected to represent its citizens should make a serious commitment to reduce spending and have the ability to decide between our wants and our needs.

“Again, I say no thank you to the federal government’s offer,” Haridopolos said.

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