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Florida Senate Must Strengthen Pension Reform – Not Weaken It!
We want a Strong Florida – not like Wisconnsin, California or Greece!

Support Governor Scott’s efforts to reform
and Strengthen Government Worker Benefits:
401K’s for new government workers; 5% contribution to retirement plan


Florida’s private Taxpayers can’t afford the retirement benefits of government workers any more. Our state faces billions in budget shortfalls and the pressure constantly rises to raise taxes and cut necessary government services – all to pay for government workers who retire earlier and wealthier than the citizens who employ them.
  • We value our teachers, firefighters, and police officers, but we think it is time that their benefits were closer to the benefits the taxpayers have.
  • We also want them to have true security in their retirement – the state currently can’t afford all the retirement benefits that past politicians promised and unions negotiated.  This is not fair to our retiring government workers or the taxpayers who are constantly asked to pay for them and try to pay for their own retirement too.
The time has come:
1. New Government workers should have the security of a 401K plan that they fund and that they keep. (No more fiscally unsustainable defined benefit plans – defined contributions like the rest of us!)
2. All Government workers should contribute 5% of their salary to their retirement benefits.
3. The Retirement System needs to be reformed to be fiscally sustainable and self-supporting – not a drain on taxpayers.Unfortunately a Key Senate Committee is considering amendments that would weaken important reforms to the Florida Retirements system used by local government workers.  They would seek to make the contributions only 2% and remove the 401K requirement for new government employees. 

Tell these committee members and your elected representatives “NO”!  We need real reform now. We don’t want to end up like Wisconnsin, California or Greece!

Florida Citizens, take a stand.  Remind the Senate that we want govenrment workers to work for us and for our government to be economically sustainable – not a constant drain on taxpayers and our economy to benefit a protected political class preferred by Union leaders.

Take action today!

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