Michele Bachmann Steals the Show in Iowa…

And Rep. Steve King didn’t do too badly either

From Politico:

Michelle Bachmann points to her right. | AP Photo 

Bachmann slams Obama and disses Mitch Daniels’s truce call on social issues. | AP Photo Close
By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 3/26/11 3:46 PM EDT Updated: 3/27/11 11:54 AM EDT

DES MOINES, Iowa — Michele Bachmann served up red meat to the crowd at the Iowa conservative principles conference Saturday, slamming President Barack Obama as a Jimmy Carter retread, dissing the Mitch Daniels “truce” call for social issues, and saying she wants a “waiver” from the last two years of White House leadership.

Talking loudly and waving her hands, a pumped Bachmann used a slide presentation of various numbers — the national debt, the cost of a gallon of gas two years ago the day before Obama took office, the corporate tax rate — to make her points and pull the crowd in.

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