NY Times Food Writer Mark Bittman: People Will ‘Starve to Death’ Under House Budget

The New York Times was founded in 1851 and has been continuously published since then.

A press release announcing its inaugural edition stated in part:

“We shall be Conservative, in all cases where we think Conservatism essential to the public good;—and we shall be Radical in everything which may seem to us to require radical treatment and radical reform. We do not believe that everything in Society is either exactly right or exactly wrong;—what is good we desire to preserve and improve;—what is evil, to exterminate, or reform.”

It seems to me that nowadays, and for a very long time, the NYT hasn’t remained true to at least half of their creed (above).  Also, it’s motto,  All the news that’s fit to print” was adopted in 1897.  Well I wonder, do they bring us ALL the news that’s fit to print?  And is ALL the news they bring us fit to print?

In the following recent article and another, NYT food writer Mark Bittman among other things either states or implies that: we should treat soda like cigarette smoking, that infants and children would “starve to death” if we reduced the defecit, he attacks meat eating, and implies that fiscal conservatives are un-Christian and inhuman.  ADB

Read the article from the Media Research Center here:  http://www.mrc.org/biasalert/2011/20110330103541.aspx


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