Herman Cain – The Real Deal

Cain: Public Now Sees Obama’s Weakness – He’s Beatable in 2012

I met Herman Cain last Tuesday night at the Americans for Prosperity dinner following the Keep ‘Em Honest Summit in Tallahassee.  He was the featured speaker of the evening.  While not yet officially running for president in 2012, he has formed an exploratory committee.  Only time will determine how this endeavor will turn out.  But I can say this:  After spending an evening with this gentleman (he sat at our table), talking with him at length, and hearing him speak, this man is the real deal.  ADB

In a Newsmax interview the following day he said:

“In January we officially announced the presidential exploratory committee,” he says.

“That’s when you put your toe in the water. Well, the water’s now up to my neck. We’re working toward making a definitive statement, go or no go, within the next couple of months.”

Asked whether he believes he can defeat Obama in 2012, Cain responds: “Yes I do. Here’s why: I’m not a politician. I’ve never held public office. One of the questions I’m asked is, since you’ve never held public office, do you think voters are going to vote for someone who is a businessman problem solver? My response is, you’re right. Most of the people in Washington have held public office. How’s that working out for you?”

Read the interview and watch the video here:



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