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With the Gainesville City Commission runoff elections less than one week away, I thought it fitting to write about an important topic which is often swept under the rug – voter fraud.  Some examples include:

  • The New Black Panthers standing outside a polling place with billy clubs in Philadelphia during the 2010 elections.
  • Over 12,000 illegal aliens (“undocumented guests”) were registered to vote in Colorado.  But you may rest easy; only 5,000 of them actually voted.
  • The many raids on ACORN for thousands of phony voter registrations including one on their  headquarters on October 7, 2008, after a month-long investigation. Some of the fraudulent voter registrations seized included names of the Dallas Cowboys’ starting lineup.
  • Harris County, Texas tax assessor Paul Bettencourt found that nearly 10,000 of the 30,000 forms turned in by ACORN were invalid.
  • Of course, this doesn’t happen in nice, cozy Gainesville, FL.  Has anyone heard of Gainesville’s population growth right before city elections?  I didn’t think so.

Click here to learn about Catherine Engelbrecht, a business owner, a mom, and a Tea Partier in Houston, who had enough of the shenanigans and founded King Street Patriots to grab voter fraud by the Texas longhorns:

Read about Illegal immigrants voting in Colorado below:



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  1. DELENA MAY says:

    good work, A

  2. BWilhm says:

    In Harris County Texas, a group of ordinary concerned citizens have drawn a line in the sand against election fraud under the True The Vote initiative. This commitment to fair and free elections is going national. Contact True the Vote to learn how to ensure election integrity in your area.

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