David Prosser Gains Huge Lead in Corrected Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Results

7:01 PM, Apr. 7, 2011

This is Key because the Wisconsin Supreme Court will likely determine the outcome of Governor Scott Walker’s reform of the government workers unions! From the Green Bay Press Gazette.com:  ADB

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg, an assistant attorney general, addresses her supporters in Madison on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, telling the audience the race is too close to call. Kloppenburg faces incumbent Justice David Prosser. Andy Manis/AP

A conservative-leaning Wisconsin county is correcting its count and giving an unofficial 7,500-vote lead to the incumbent in the hotly contested state Supreme Court race seen as a referendum on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s divisive union rights law.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that the votes weren’t reported to The Associated Press on Tuesday due to “human error.”

Before the announcement, it was assumed 68-year-old conservative Justice David Prosser’s race against liberal assistant state attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg was headed for a recount.

But Prosser’s lead is likely to stand if the new numbers hold up through canvassing in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

Opponents of the union rights law had hoped a Kloppenburg victory would set the stage for the high court to strike it down.

The Associated Press verified unofficial Winnebago County election returns on Wednesday morning but the county updated its numbers at 2:27 that afternoon to show incumbent Justice David Prosser with 710 more votes and assistant attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg with 466 more.

In Shawano County, Kloppenburg gained 64 votes because of a clerical error, WBAY-TV reported.

In the Milwaukee suburb of New Berlin, Prosser gained 200 votes because of a clerical error, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The findings come as canvassers in all 72 counties begins the process of certifying the results of the race.

Almost 1.5 million votes were cast in the race that is almost certain to be decided in a recount that could take weeks.

Kloppenburg declared victory over Prosser early Wednesday as unofficial totals showed her with a scant 204-vote margin in Tuesday’s election.

Prosser’s campaign hasn’t said whether it plans to ask for a recount.

Each county’s board of canvassers is reconciling the totals, making sure the ballots in hand match the number of people who voted.

They have until April 15 to submit those totals. The candidates then have three business days to ask for a recount.

Government Accountability Board attorney Mike Haas expects to start getting canvassing numbers starting either later Thursday or Friday and they will post it on their website.



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