The Budget: Snatching Defeat Out of the Jaws of Victory

Well, it’s been reported everywhere, a budget compromise was reached late last night and the dreaded government shutdown was averted.  Was there ever any real doubt? Everyone’s happy.  Really?  Are you happy?   I’m not happy.

We have a $1.65 trillion deficit.  That’s $1,650 billion!   And the Republicans couldn’t stand firm for a $61 billion cut.  So let me see…  The House controls the purse strings and the Republicans control the house.  Something just doesn’t make sense.

I’ve heard a lot of things being said about why this happened:  Speaker Boehner was afraid that if they didn’t cut a deal last night that the Tea Party would be demonized.  Thanks for your concerns, Mr. Speaker.  This may well be true, but  if so, then why not just stand up for the Tea Party and tell the truth.  Next one:  Some conservatives (Tea Party folks, etc.) are tired of the endless confrontations and would just give up and leave the fight.  Again, possibly some truth to this statement.  But Mr. Speaker, What about the thousands if not millions who were standing behind you and asking you to stand strong?  What about us, Mr. Speaker?

We worked hard during the 2010 campaigns.  We stood up and were counted last November 2nd .  We took back our House by a wide margin.  In the words of president Obama speaking about 2008:  “We Won.”  Unfortunately, Republicans are very good at lying down and snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.  ADB

Short-term budget deal.  HR 1363.  Here’s how they voted:

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