Protestors Arrested in WA (notice they are wearing SEIU shirts)

Violent SEIU Mob Arrested After Charging Troopers in Washington State House (Video)

These Healthcare Professionals were protesting in the WA state Capitol.  They are SEIU members (Service Employees International Union).  Were they really protesting for the patients, or for their own interests?  I’m not quite sure I would trust them with MY Health.

The Unions were in Tallahassee on March 29th when I was trying to visit my state representative.  They were jamming the halls, the staircases and the elevators.  No one could get anything done.  I was embarrassed for my state.

The unions did about $7 million worth of damage to the Wisconsin state Capitol.  Does anyone know who cleaned it up?  The Tea Party.  So the union thugs get paid to tear up the Capitol, and the evil, mean and racist Tea Party folks clean it up for free.  Hmmm…  ADB


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