White House Fears Gas prices Could Tank Obama

Silly and sometimes ridiculous media puns, especially in newspaper headlines, have always been one of my pet peeves.  Most of them are so bad that reading them is crime and pun-ishment.  You know like:  I just winged him, protested the pilot,  In plane sightMumps Outbreak Swells Across Midwest,  Burning Ring of Fire Destroys Johnny Cash’s Home,  and Donald playes his Trump card.

However, last week a headline in the Los Angeles Times really caught my eye.  It was so true and so timely, that I just had to write about it:  White House Fears Gas Prices Could Tank Obama. So president Obama and his minions have done everything in their power to increase the price at the pump, and now they’re worried that this ruthless attack on the American people will hurt Obama’s chances of re-election in 2012.  Well, I sure hope so!  You can read what the Los Angeles Times had to say here, but by the way, it was written a week ago, so naturally gas prices are even higher now.  ADB

While you are at it, check out what the Daily Caller has to say about Obama on this subject, including a video.


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