EPA Admits Jobs Don’t Matter – Video

Millions of Americans are without jobs.  In addition to those counted in the unemployment numbers, there are millions more who have just quit looking.  But in a House Energy Committee meeting on April 14th, EPA bureaucrat Mathy Stanislaus admitted the EPA doesn’t consider job loss when enacting their regulations.  This runaway bureaucracy, one of many in a regime that purports to care about the middle class, clearly shows that it cares more about its radical agenda, than the people it pretends to serve.

Mr. Stanislaus spends the entire five minutes of the video below dodging Rep. Cory Gardner’s simple question: “Does the EPA consider the impact on jobs when it makes a regulation?”  He never did answer.  We must defund the EPA and other agencies who act without Constitutional and Congressional authority and against the will of the people.  ADB

Watch the Video here.

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