Obama Signs Budget Bill – Czars Stay

The budget bill agreed to by John Boehner and Harry Reid with the president’s knowledge prohibited the White House from funding four czars: climate change, urban affairs, the auto industry and healthcare.  But at the signing, he said no dice, the czars stay.

It’s one thing (right or wrong) for the president to say he has the Constitutional authority to appoint these czars without the Senate’s approval.  It’s quite another, however, to say that he will get rid of them in order to get the republicans to agree to a budget deal and then renege at the signing of the bill.  That sounds like dictatorial arrogance to me.  I guess they call them czars for a reason.

Or course in 2007, Obama said that he would never do this:  No signing statements to nullify instructions from Congress.

Read what The Hill has to say about this.  ADB


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