Obama: GOP Tried to “Sneak” Agenda Into Budget

Watch this short CBS video of president Obama last week, when he was caught on an open mic, making remarks about the Republicans during the recent budget negotiations.

Arrogant and hypocritical but expected.  He probably would have said much of the same if he knew he was on mic.  Frankly, I blame the Republicans for not standing up.  Republicans use the excuse that they only control one half of one third (or 1/6) of the government, but since they control the House, they control the purse strings.  Obama and the Democrats always use all the power they have, and sometimes even the power they don’t have (i.e. executive orders, czars, etc.), but many Republicans won’t use their power, not even to save our Republic.

In the  video,  Obama is complaining that Republicans want to use the budget process to stop the EPA and Obamacare.  Why not?  That’s perfectly legitimate. They have the power and they should use it.  Talk about sneaking – the Democrats slipped everything but the kitchen sink into Obamacare.  Maybe the kitchen sink is in there too since they are still “reading it to find out what’s in it.”

The House Republicans passed a bill to repeal Obamacare.  It was largely symbolic because even if they could get the Senate to vote on it and even if, by some miracle, a few Democrats to voted with them, it’s obvious that the dictator-in-chief would veto it – Just as he taunted in last week’s open mic incident.  Watch the video!

It’s long past the time for the Republican majority in the House to take a stand; using all legal means.  We can’t wait any longer.  Our Republic is dying.  We can do this.  “Yes We Can.”  ADB

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  1. Edwin Coelho says:

    We must do whatever it takes, to stop this president from destroying this country. It is obvious his strategy is to divide the American people….divide and counqer. It is obvious that, should he win in 2012 we would have a dictator. The more misery he imposes on the nation, the more people would depend on goverment, the greater his power. Maybe the majority of Americans are too ignorant to see how this nation is being destroyed. I pray that is not so. We will know come November 2012.

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