Schumer: Lawmakers Reluctant to Raise Debt Ceiling ‘Playing With Fire’

Question: How do you spell hypocrite? XXXXXXXXX Answer: Chuck Schumer.

Below are two recent quotes from the senior senator from New York chastising those opposed to raising the debt ceiling.

Schumer Says Lawmakers Reluctant to Raise Debt Ceiling  “Playing With Fire

“If we didn’t renew the debt ceiling, our soldiers and veterans wouldn’t be paid, social security checks wouldn’t go out…” Business Week

There’s only one problem, though.  Do you know how many times Chuck Schumer voted against raising the national debt ceiling? 

If you answered “four times” to the question posed in the headline above, you are either spending way too much time in the Congressional Record, or you have superb research and recall skills! Let’s just assume it’s the latter.

Anyway, the right answer is indeed four times, at least. For the record, here’s the four occasions, as documented by congressional records.  Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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