Oh My God – It’s Business’ Fault

Is it arrogance or ignorance?  Maybe it’s arrog-norancePresident Obama held a town hall style meeting on Wednesday conducted by CBS News where he told businesses to “Step up and hire workers.”  Some quotes from the meeting:

  • “We’ve got a lot more work to do to get businesses to invest and to hire.”  Does that mean more coercion?  Government needs to get out of the way and let the private sector can flourish
  • “It’s going to take us several years for us to get back where we need to be.”  I guess that means “don’t blame me if things aren’t better by election day.”
  • “It is time for companies to step up,” Obama said. “American taxpayers contributed to that process of stabilizing the economy. Companies have benefited from that, and they’re making a lot of money, and now’s the time for them to start betting on American workers and American products.”  So let me see, the taxpayers helped hundreds of thousands of small businesses (really?), and now it’s time for those businesses to just show their appreciation by hiring more employees they don’t need in an over regulated and government controlled economy.  I thought hiring unneeded employees was government’s job.

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