Prosser’s Lead is Holding – Kloppenburg Rebuked

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On April 7th, I did post entitled:  David Prosser Gains Huge Lead in Corrected Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Results.  I went on to say:  “This is Key because the Wisconsin Supreme Court will likely determine the outcome of Governor Scott Walker’s reform of the government workers unions!”  Unfortunately for the people of Wisconsin,  Justice Prosser’s lead of approximately 7,000 votes was slightly less than one half percent of the 1,500,000 votes  cast.  This allowed Justice Prosser’s challenger, far left JoAnne Kloppenburg, to call for a recount.  Naturally she did.  Can anyone say Al Franken?

On Monday, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board issued a stiff rebuke to the Kloppenburg campaign’s complaints and challenges to torn and stretched ballot bags in Waukesha County. In recent weeks, the Waukesha County recount of the April 5, election revealed a number of “ballot bag issues,” prompting conspiracy theorists to allege fraud and the Kloppenburg campaign to issue challenges based on “chain of custody.” The Kloppenburg campaign challenges attempted to have entire bags full of ballots thrown out based on a tear in the plastic bag.  Continue reading on

Link to April 7th post:  David Prosser Gains Huge Lead in Corrected Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Results.


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