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Whenever a president runs for reelection there is always rampant speculation as to who his running mate will be.  Will he stick with the status quo or will he choose someone new?  Well I can tell you for sure, there won’t be any changes for 2012, because just as in 2008, president Obama’s running mate will be the ever faithful, ever biased, mainstream media. There isn’t enough room on my hard drive for all the examples of media bias, but here are just a few examples of what came up when I did a simple Google search.

Try this link to see what I mean:  You will find pages and pages of examples there.  And if that’s not enough for you, just Google Media Bias.  That could keep you busy all week.

By the way, here are two examples of what happens when on the rare occasions, the mainstream media tries to do its job:

This one was from the 2008 campaign.  In this TV interview of Jo Biden, the Obama team didn’t like the questions news anchor Barbara West (WFTV Orlando) asked.  What was her punishment?  The Obama campaign team cancelled the interview that she had scheduled with Jill Biden the following day, and they also revoked the TV station’s campaign privileges and kicked them off the bus.                                              

This one from May 18, 2012  –  Shut Out:  White House Punishes Boston Herald for Paper’s Romney Coverage.


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