Minnesota Voters Back Voter – ID Amendment 76/18

Requiring a photo to vote ID is fiercely opposed by most Democrats in the Minnesota legislature (and everywhere else, I believe).  Their common mantra is that having to show proof that you are really who you say you are before you can vote disenfranchises the voters.  Well an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans, 76% to 18%, think having to show a photo ID is perfectly reasonable.  So what does Democrat-Farmer-Labor (DFL)  Governor Mark Dayton do?  He vetos a bill requiring it.  Read more on HotAir.com

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  1. nk10474 says:

    I hope we get voter ID here in Duluth. It is a welcome step to make sure voters are legit. I know that one of our St. Louis County Commissioners, Chris Dahlberg had some good comments in favor of this issue. You can find them on his website at http://www.dahlbergnow.com. It is a four part video. Slow upload but good watch. What do you all think?

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