West Makes it Official – Will Run for Congress

This will make some happy and some will wonder what might have been.

Congressman Allen West has officially declared his intention to run for re-election to Congress in his 22nd Congressional District.  West made his announcement at his recent townhall meeting in Davie and reiterated that it is his goal to be the “best representative” that he could be.  West’s fan base has been actively pressing him to run for President or even consider a VP appointment. While West has hinted that he would entertain a VP appointment, he has previously stated that any potential future Presidential run would be up to God first, and his wife second.  Many in the Tea-Party movement view West as their “dream candidate” were he to one day make a run for the White House.

Watch the video and see the article here:  http://shark-tank.net/2011/06/09/15876/

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