Hacked DOT Road Sign Reads “Impeach Obama”

What would make someone so angry that it would provoke them to hack into an electronic DOT road sign and program it to read: “Impeach Obama?”




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Let’s see.  Could it be (not in any particular order)…

  • Obamacare?
  • The Stimulus?
  • Runaway spending?
  • The debt ceiling bullying?
  • Redistribution of wealth?
  • Job-killing policies?
  • Runaway EPA?
  • Pushing so-called “Green” energy?
  • Offshore oil drilling ban?
  • Ruling by executive order?
  • The countless Czars?
  • Takeover of banks?
  • Takeover of auto companies?
  • Takeover of insurance companies?
  • Takeover of student loans?
  • Push for amnesty and the Dream Act?
  • Cash for Clunkers?

What else can you think of?  Please leave your comments.

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3 Responses to Hacked DOT Road Sign Reads “Impeach Obama”

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  2. Check all that apply…every one!

  3. Well, I hope that person’s freedom of speech is not violated; that hacker only re-designed the sign to say what we all feel. If they start putting people with this belief in prison, they’re going to have to enlarge their facilities.

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