The Great Bike vs. Car Challenge

There’s been a great controversy brewing here in Little San Francisco (Gainesville, FL):  Which is the better form of transportation (or should I say mode to be politically correct?), the automobile, or the green wave of the future – the two wheeled wonder, the bicycle.

Well, the matter will finally be settled once and for all sometime after noon today at the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee’s (ACREC) Bicycle vs. Car Challenge:

The following notes are from the chairman of  the ACREC:   Ok, Alex, after some great suggestions from the community, I have the route and rules.

First, let me say something about the route.  The Mayor’s bicycle vs. car challenge didn’t do anything.  He had simulated stops, but he wasn’t carrying anything.  He didn’t have to drop anything off, and he didn’t have to pick anything up.  Why run a route with stops if you don’t really have anything to do?  Moreover, if you didn’t have a bicycle, and had to communicate with 7 different people but didn’t have anything to pick up or drop off, wouldn’t you do it by phone and not have gotten into a car to begin with?

Our course will be different than that.

The Rules:

1.  We must follow all rules of the roadway.  No rolling through stop signs, no crossing against lights, etc.

2.  Safety (especially your safety) is first and foremost in my mind.  I will have a volunteer following you, and they will have Gatorade with them.  If the heat becomes too much, please stop, signal the volunteer, load the bike in the back of their truck and they will take you back to your office.

3.  You must wear your normal business attire, not bicycle clothes.  As discussed, the only exception is that you can wear  your bicycle shoes.

The Vehicles:






The Course:

1.  We will start at your office in Thornebrook, head to 43rd, travel north to the Hunters Crossing. Since our business account is at that M&S Bank, we will stop there for 2 minutes to simulate making a deposit.

2.  After leaving M&S, go to the Quality Cleaners and pick up some clothes.

3.  From there, go into Publix and pick up a carton of ice cream and a carton of eggs.

The first three stops are a gimme for you because they are all in the same shopping complex.  The rest of the route gets a little more challenging.

4.  After leaving Hunters Crossing, continue north on 43rd to 441.  Take 441 South to L&S Auto Trim.  I believe you have something that you need to pick up from there.  I will do the same.

5.  From there, continue heading north to Home Depot.  Pick up a 2×4.

6.  After leaving Home Depot, head back down 53rd to 43rd, and take 43rd back to your office.

Along the way, we will check in with Talk Of The Town and give regular updates on our progress.  You have been smack talking about how you are going to win.  Remember, I said this was real world.  Let me see you win hauling a 2×4, clothes and ice cream and eggs.  When you get back to the office, we can toast my victory with some ice cream.  Don’t worry, my carton of ice cream will still be good.  Actually, you can have the ice cream.  I’m still on a diet.



Breaking news:  The race has just been run and Stafford and his truck won by an avalanche.


What:    ACREC’s Bicycle vs. Car Challenge
When:    Firday, July 22nd at Noon

Where:   Gainesville – Listen in to Star 99.5, Jake and Ed’s show for live coverage.

Bike vs. Car Challenge Article By Ed Braddy

Ed Braddy, the Executive Director of The American Dream Coaltion just wrote a pretty good article about the Bike vs. Car Challenge that examines some of the larger issues, including what the progressives are trying to prove by constantly holding these challenges.  This article appeared in American Thinker

The Bicycle Overlords
By Ed Braddy


If you sometimes scratch your head while sitting in traffic and ask yourself why transportation planners and local political leaders make such odd decisions that result in more congestion, wasted fuel, and increased pollution, you may want to check out the urban planning doctrine called Smart Growth (or, New Urbanism) that is the current fad in many communities across the country.  Chances are, your local government is fully wedded to it already.

One tactic used by Smart Growthers and other high density/anti-automobile utopians is to prod local governments into putting on annual Bike vs Car contests in which the routes are selected to enable the bicyclist to win. The message: bicycling is not just a ‘legitimate’ commuting option but a superior one. Now if someone wants to commute by bicycle, tricycle or even unicycle, more power to them. But not more governmental power to them.  Read More on americanthinker.con

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