McCotter, RINOS and Hobbits

McCotter calls for Republican Unity

RINO: An acronym meaning Republican In Name Only.  We can all name a few. sssss

Hobbit:  An imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet; invented by J.R.R. Tolkien

Recently, in the backdrop of the debt-ceiling debate, Congressman Thad McCotter (R), Michigan spoke of RINO’s and Hobbits.  He said the following:

“On the right, take note, “It is as unwarranted and injurious for a Republican to call a Tea Partier a hobbit as it is for a Tea Partier to call a Republican a RINO.”

“We cannot unite America if we divide the movement,” McCotter warned. “Consequently, the time has come for the Tea party to grow up and the Republican Party to wake up and come together to serve and save this great nation.”

Standing for fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets, the hallmark of the Tea Party movement, seems pretty grown up to me.

There is a difference between Hobbits and a RINOs, however.  Hobbits are fictional characters.  They cannot harm our country.  Unfortunately, RINOs are real.

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