Liberals Would Love To Make The Tea Party The Scapegoat

Liberals would love to make the Tea Party the scapegoat for our debt downgrade.

Let’s consider the source. John Kerry was the same man who used his judgment to pick the corrupt, indicted adulterer John Edwards to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.  David Axelrod is on the team that claimed a Trillion dollar stimulus would drop unemployment to 8% a year ago.

The liberals have no solution other than to hand more power to the political class and tax our economy into depression – taxes that still won’t cover their outrageous and failed spending programs.

The tea party advocacy for a better debt ceiling deal was what prevented a BBB rating.  Only deregulation and the deep spending cuts the Tea Party calls for along and major tax reform (not tax increases) will save us.

The Tea Party stands for individual liberty, small government, free markets and rule of law that views us middle class commoners as equal to the arrogant elite in Washington, D.C.

Those who attack the Tea party stand for wealth that is redistributed, not created; class warfare, not unity; socialism and not freedom. Their policies lead to unconstitutional wars in Libya and ongoing militarism around the world while America becomes weaker.

Blaming the Tea Party is like blaming the fireman for arriving when the house is burning down.”

David McKalip, M.D., Neurological Surgeon

Dr. McKalip recently opened Founders Corner, celebrating America’s founders and founding principles in downtown St. Petersburg.


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