The Government War On Kid-Run Concession Stands

Alex's Lemonade is a well-known nationwide charitable effort intended to help raise money for pediatric cancer research by operating lemonade stands.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about kids’ lemonade stands, Girl Scout cookie tables and other entrepreneurial operations run by our school kids, both charitable and for-profit, being shut down by law enforcement and other government agencies. Sometimes they want them to buy permits, and sometimes they simply want to shut them down citing health and other reasons. So our brightest, and most energetic kids, those who take personal responsibility and want to “get things done,” Are facing the same kinds of obstacles as their adult counterparts. This is happening all over the country, even in Salem, Massachusetts. Could this be another witch hunt?

From Government.InsiderOnline Blog: (You must click on the links).

Unarmed and Dangerous! A terrible scourge stalks the land: Unlicensed purveyors of lemonade, cookies, and other treats are proliferating in towns big and small, from Portland, Oregon to Appleton, Wisconsin to Salem, Massachusetts. These scofflaws are typically between 9 years and 11 years old and often found along roadsides, usually behind stands. Sometimes they tote boxes of treats door-to-door!


The cops are taking the problem seriously, though. The Freedom Center of Missouri has produced a Google map showing when and where the police have taken down these illegitimate merchants. As you can see, it’s a growing problem:

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