Barack Obama “If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill”

What has president Obama done about creating jobs for the past 32 months?  Other than stimulus created government jobs and so-called “green” jobs?  Not much.  Maybe they’re called green jobs because it costs so much “green” to create each one.

So Obama went on another vacation a few weeks ago and when he returned a jobs bill which he dubbed the “American Jobs Act” miraculously appeared. He then called a joint session of congress  to present his bill.  And then it was back on the road to push it.  Call that another taxpayer funded campaign swing.  And then the demands came:  “Pass this bill right now” and yesterday he was telling adoring college students at NC State: “If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill.”

Well during this week of “Right Now,” the Democrats were so excited that they never bothered to file the bill.  It turns out, however, that Republican congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas has a jobs bill of his own; one that actually lowers taxes.  It’s called the “American Jobs Act of 2011.”  Some other differences between the two bills:

  • President’s bill is 155 pages while Gohmert’s is 2 pages.
  • President’s bill has at least a $447 billion stimulus, Gohmert’s has none.
  • President’s bill was never filed, while Gohmert’s bill was officially filed.

Things are looking really bad for Obama right now, especially after the Republican candidates won both house seats in Tuesday’s special elections.  One of those seats, New York district 9, was formerly held by the disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner who recently resigned after a sex scandal.  Incidentally, the registered Democrats in this district outnumber the Republicans by greater than three to one!

A quote from Democratic bull dog and Bill Clinton henchman James Carville: “What Should the White House Do?  Panic!”  And according to political pundit and talk radio host Laura Ingraham:  “President Obama has become a caricature of himself.”  I guess there are only two things he can do now:  Take another vacation or play some more golf.

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