The Bore-a-Thon (24 Hours of Al Gore)

Day-long Internet slide show fails to excite the planet

Al Gore's the End Nigh by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

I had a post last Tuesday, in anticipation of this monumental event.  I knew the whole world would be watching.  I was planning to view it as well, but at the eleventh hour I decided that in the interest of reducing global warming and my strong desire to save our planet, our beloved Mother Earth, I would forgo my selfishness.

So it was with with much sadness that I turned off my TV in order to save electricity and thereby reduce my local utility’s,  carbon footprint.  You see, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) generates it’s power from dirty coal.  But not to worry, it’s new facility, a wood burning, excuse me, biomass plant is under construction.   And you may rest easy, because this wood burner must really be high tech because it’s not even called a power plant.  It’s the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center.  Too bad the name Progress Energy is already taken.  Back to Al’s Bore-a-Thon.  The Washington Times had a great editorial about it which you may read here.

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