Jason Mattera Fights Back

Reporter who upset Biden: “They’re suggesting that my credentials get yanked’ for ‘rape’ question.”

Yesterday I posted that Joe Biden wants to have a Human Events editor/reporter “investigated” for asking him tough questions about Biden’s “If we don’t pass the president’s jobs bill, rapes and murders will go up” tirade.  That’s right, Biden wants to have Jason Mattera’s press credentials revoked.  Referring to this incident, Mattera told the DailyCaller in part:

“…They’re suggesting that my credentials get yanked and I be investigated for asking a completely legitimate question,” Mattera said in a phone interview. “The administration is just whining and complaining like little toddlers because they’ve gotten their wrists slapped now on multiple occasions for making the suggestion that Republicans are enabling rape and violent crimes because they won’t pass another stimulus package.”

“This is a thug administration in action,” Mattera added. “This is the Chicago way and they can bring it on. Bring it on. I’m a credentialed member of the media and I have a little something-something called the First Amendment on my side.”

By the way, Joe Biden is no stranger to taking liberties (not the kind our Founding Fathers cherished) with the truth.  He withdrew from the 1988 presidential campaign under charges of plagiarizing a speech and allegations of past law school plagiarism and exaggerating his academic record.  And during the 2008 campaign, he spoke about how he often visited Katie’s restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware.  Just one problem though, Katie’s has been closed down since the 1980’s.  The only thing Joe was eating at Katie’s was his words.

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