Boehner: Debt Deal WILL Include New Taxes – Surprise

John Boehner did it again.  When addressing one of the biggest sticking points for the 12 member Congressional “supercommittee” today, he acknowledged that any bipartisan agreement will need to include some new tax revenue.  And as far as this so-called “supercommittee” is concerned, I think it’s insane.  To cede the power and responsibility of 435 elected representatives and 100 elected senators to 12 people is a travesty and one over which Speaker Boehner presided.

This man caves so often that maybe we ought to name a park after him.  How about re-naming Mammoth Cave in Kentucky (above right) to Boehner Cave?  Or maybe we should start calling Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee Boehner Caverns?  And to the entities that own/manage these treasures:  Don’t worry, you can change the names back when John Boehner returns to private life.  January, 2013 would be good.

Here’s some more information on today’s capitulation from  It also includes his backtracking and typical dancing around.  I guess some would not go so far as to call him a RINO (Republican in name only), but I think that there is no question that the Speaker is a CINO (Conservative in name only)  I could say a lot more, but there’s not much point as this cave-man has done this so many times before.  The links below are to my previous posts on this sad and tiring subject:





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