Boston Globe Reporter Withholds Obama File

A Boston Globe reporter sympathetic to Barack Obama apparently received favored access to the immigration file of the president’s father.

In writing her biography of Barack Obama’s father, Boston Globe reporter Sally H. Jacobs had access to what appears to be the father’s unredacted Immigration and Naturalization Service file. The documents cover the time Barack Obama Sr. arrived in Honolulu in 1959 until he was forced to leave the United States in 1964. Continue reading on

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1 Response to Boston Globe Reporter Withholds Obama File

  1. Sandra White says:

    Ms. Jacobs, you are a reporter, at least that is what it says, so why are you protecting the one person that has ruined our GREAT NATION!!! Are you a muslim like him and want to stay in good with him and his cronies. We have the right to know the truth about Obama, Sortoro, Hounel or whomever he is. Why do you not feel it is your duty to let we, the people, know the truth about his illegal, treasonist, who has taken our hard earned tax dollars and used them for himself and his family? He should have to pay every dime back that he has been paid while occupying the oval office since we all know he is illegal. He needs to go to prison for all his crimes. Since he wants abortion so badly, maybe his mother should have aborted him before she gave birth. We know she wanted to give him up even before he was born. She was with a married man when she became pregnant and there’s a lot of other things we have found out about from other sources. He has done nothing to help our country and you know it. He does nothing by the CONSTITUTION and our MOTTO is a joke to him. Why are you defending such a hypocrite??

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