If This Wasn’t From Bill Nelson, I’d Say it was Unbeliavable

A Letter To Bill Nelson; Help Protect Our Most Fundamental Right?

Many of us are on Senator Bill Nelson’s mailing list and receive his outrageous “e-newsletter”.  Most of them are self-promoting and are merely thinly veined campaign messages.  This is what a lot of politicians do.  At least Cliff Sterns sends them through his campaign email address.  Nelson’s emails often slam Republicans, but the one he sent out on Tuesday takes the cake.  It was so egregious and shameful, it reminds me of the ones I get from the infamous “My (former) Congressman is Nuts” Alan Grayson.

So please read Senator Nelson’s letter here: http://email.capitolhillnewsonline.com/q/DA3pzGH_A3VUaCx5VhWn0MqNQfM4qiQQmhtWxKG6P5M3ze5QI7Fb3960_

Now read this fantastic reply from Patriot, Ed Riordan of Winter Springs, FL. at:  FloridaPoliticalPress.com

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