Why do We Need Mitt Romney?

“I want the ball.  It’s my turn.”  Did Mitt Romney say that?  I don’t know, but he sure acts like it.  I thought it was the Statists who were for entitlements, and they are, but Romney’s for them too.  Well at least one; he thinks that he is entitled to be the next president of the United States.  And a lot of the “good old boys and girls” of the Republican establishment feel that way too.

God, it’s tough being a true Conservative these days.  Everyone wants to pick your nominee for you.  You not only have to run against the Democrats and the so-called main stream media, But you have to buck the Republican establishment as well.  Two things about that:  The media is anything but mainstream, and We the People are supposed to choose our nominee, not the machines who think they own us!  And aren’t we tired of Romney being called the presumptive front runner a thousand times a day?  Question:  Are any founders rolling over yet?

I wrote the above two paragraphs some time ago.  But with Romney losing ground to Cain and Gingrich, I wondered if it was old news.  But when I ran into these two articles by respected Conservatives, Richard Viguerie (November 14th) , and Thomas Sowell (November 15th ), I knew that I was in Good Company:

** http://www.conservativehq.com/article/5457-why-select-liberal-republican-run-conservative-gop


** Hat tip:  Tom Gaitens for this link.

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