Don’t Let the Unemployment Myth Go Unchallanged

President Obama was quick to boast about the new unemployment numbers almost as soon as they were released yesterday as the “official” rate dropped to 8.6%. He claimed that 140,000 (actually 120,000) new jobs were created. In his haste to inform the American People of this wonderful news, however, he somehow forgot to mention that substantially more people left the workforce during this period than there were new jobs created, and that 50,000 of those new jobs were temporary holiday retail jobs. So in real terms, the unemployment problem is actually getting worse, not better.

Unfortunately, Speaker John Boehner gave his usual timid, response. He failed to call the president on any of these facts and merely mentioned that the numbers still weren’t below the magical 8% number that Obama said he would achieve. So what will happen if next month or the month after, or the month after that, the “official” (bogus) number drops to 7.9%? Obama wins; Boehner loses; WE lose.

So I urge you: When you go to church tomorrow and when you’re at school or standing around the proverbial water cooler at work on Monday morning, and your “liberal friends” talk about those great unemployment numbers, please come out of the closet, stand up and set them straight! Thanks.

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