Gingrich Will Ask John Bolton to be His Secretary of State

My purpose here is not to defend Newt Gingrich because Newt can take care of himself. But any way you slice it, this is good news. If this comes to pass, we will again have a foreign policy based on true American Exceptionalism and strength. Ronald Reagan would be smiling. By the way, we all know how how that Greek Exceptionalism worked out.

From the Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich promised conservatives on Tuesday he would ask former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton to be his secretary of state if he’s elected president next year, according to several of those who met with him.

Hours later he repeated that vow publicly to the Republican Jewish Coalition, winning a round of applause.

“If he accepts it, I will ask John Bolton to be secretary of state,” said the former House speaker, who national polls show has vaulted to the top of the Republican presidential field and leads in three of the first four states that will vote for the next Republican nominee.

During the closed-door meeting in Arlington, Mr. Gingrich spoke and fielded questions for about two hours from 70 conservatives, and many said afterward that they came away impressed.

“The fact that he asked for that meeting” shows that “he understands the value of that movement,” said Amy Kremer, head of the Tea Party Express, who attended the conservative gathering. Continue reading at:

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  1. Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr. says:

    Newt Gingrich has a sordid history of violating his oath to the constitution and is an internationalist that will subvert the sovereignty of the United States in favor of the New World Order. Here are some low points of his past record: He supported Martin Luther King Day as national holiday-Guilty of abusing House check-writing privileges with $9,000 overdraft to IRS-Married 3 times to include extramarital affairs-Member of Council on Foreign Relations-supported expanded powers and increased money to the UN, Foreign Aid, and the WTO. He ardently supported mandatory Cap and Trade legislation and ethanol subsidies. We should not be surprised by his choice for Secretary of State, of fellow CFR member and globalists John Bolton. We must throw the neoconservatives out of the Republican Party.

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