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Ronald Reagan once said, “These voices don’t speak for us.” He could have been speaking about the media because in today’s society, “their voices really don’t speak for us.”

The genesis of Big Voices Media’s (“BIG”) formation and organization was born of the greater frustration in watching current media outlets lie, distort and manipulate the truth in politics and our culture for years.

These media outlets have been able to get away with this nefarious behavior without any accountability; and for the most part, without the general public even realizing just how much the truth has been victimized by these distortions and manipulations.

We have grown keenly aware that there is not existing, unbiased and honest alternatives to the local newspaper, local television and national new outlets. They are engaged in blatant distortions of the facts and a deafening silence on serious issues that need to be brought to the attention of the voters is not happening.  Because people are uninformed or lied to, it creates chaos in our culture and Liberty cannot reign in chaos.

Our Objective at Big Voices Media is to Take Back the TVs in Living Rooms Across America, put the microphone into the hands of The People and help fund the Conservative Movement.

“BIG” seeks to provide a fresh new media platform that will disseminate fully accurate, unbiased information on issues of the day for the purpose of educating The People about the issues, policies and affairs of our federal, state and local governments, and all matters related to how these issues and policies directly affect our God-granted liberties.

The vision of “BIG” is to reclaim the conversation and ensure The People are well informed about the issues and candidates.

It is our plan to grow, over time, into the largest NEW media network available anywhere and do so for our current and future generations who, on the merits of our work, will trust us to be a consistent beacon of truth in a media arena that has operated without accountability in the shadows of deception and distortion.

In the words of Allen Ginsburg, “Whoever controls the media, controls the culture.”

Shall we then, become the media?



Big Voices Media Triple Play System, watch programming on your computer, your mobile devices and your television!

You can watch real-time “Live” events and shows or watch at your convenience – all content will be available as Video on Demand.  You’ll have access to training and education videos on a multitude of subjects that the current media does not cover – like Agenda 21.  You’ll have access to motivational and inspirational videos as well as original programming from many well-known speakers and entertainers.

Manage YOUR OWN channel or Your OWN Show

Conservative Candidates, Speakers, National Policy and Grassroots Organizations plus many others have joined Big Voices Media Network as B!G Affiliates.  We’re handing the microphone back to you!  Contact B!G on how to become a B!G Affiliate!

Cut your cable bill by Customizing your own Television Network!

Big Voices Media members will have access to all available Roku programming on their TV’s!  In some cases members have been able to reduce their entertainment cost by switching to ROKU.  ROKU is a device that allows Big Voices to stream live events or Video on Demand into your living room television. This device fits in the palm of your hand and easily connects to your TV and wireless network.  You’ll have access to hundreds of channels for your viewing and listening pleasure, like: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle and Pandora, Tunein Radio and even Angry Birds.  Roku is adding more channels all the time!  There’s no monthly fee to own your ROKU – it’s a one -time purchase.  Channels such as Netlix and Hulu Plus require a monthly subscription while many others are free to watch.  For more information, go to

B!G Gives Back

Big Voices Media is commited to promoting conservative and family values!  B!G will donate to organizations which promote values that align with B!G’s vision!

Watch live streaming events/programming from B!G Affiliates!

From across America and from our international Affiliates.

Communicate via a private on-line Social Networking Community

Stay connected to like minded individuals across America and the world via B!G’s social community – similar to Facebook –but it’s totally private and completely secure.

Big Voices Media members will have access to instant communication services through SMS Text tools.

We’ll let you know about a live event coming up, breaking news, legislation calls to action and so much more! You’ll have access to an Interactive Events Calendar that updates automatically with new content and events.

Video Conferencing and Webinar Platform

B!G’s video conferencing platform will allow unlimited viewers with up to 8 interactive participants simulteanously on the screen.

B!G’s webinar plaform will allow powerpoint presentations with single or multiple video presenters on the screen and unlimited viewers.

All at no additional cost!!

Big Voices Media is here to give you the rest of the story – the story the Main Stream Media will not report. Big Voices Media wants to hear YOUR story, reported BY YOU! You no longer have to be an “armchair quarterback” resigned to watching the media distort the truth or ignore it completely. With Big Voices Media, YOU’RE IN THE GAME! We’re handing the microphone back to the people!

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