A Tribute to Breitbart and What’s Next – Brandon Darby

Brandon talks about Andrew and he also speaks about what’s next – Including the release of Breitbart’s new site and who will be its leader.  He said the news will be released tomorrow evening on the Breitbart (Big) sites.  I’ll be surfing for sure!

Brandon:  “… I’m going to tell you a few things.  I talked with some folks tonight from the site, and um, we’re all going to stand really strong.  You know, out daily staff called, we’ve been callin’ each other all day.”  “…Andrew has spent thousands of dollars workin’ on his new site, and we decided, as he was re-working the site, we decided that we were going to go ahead anyways [sic] with the launch tomorrow.  We’ve identified a new person to head the organization…”  “…I’m not goin’ to say who it is right now, but I’m goin’ to tell you, then when you know who it is, you’ll be very happy.   And you’re goin’ to know that Andrew’s mission and Andrew’s word  as far as we go on the sites is going to continue.  And I know it’s going to continue out there…”

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