The Prince of Frauds and the Panetta CYA Memo

The Prince of Frauds planned to blame the military if kill bin Laden mission went bad

Attribution: Gerry R.

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When he was asked about his “fears” of being seen as the new Jimmy Carter if the kill bin Laden operation failed the way Carter’s Operation Eagle Claw had, Barack Obama didn’t hesitate in his answer.
“I thought about it,” he “admitted” as he acknowledged there would be “political ramifications” that could ruin his chances of reelection if the bin Laden mission had been a disaster. Nevertheless, the Prince of Frauds stressed, “There were doubts voiced in the Situation Room. But there was no doubt in my head.”  Continue reading at:

Mukasey: Panetta drafted memo to insulate Obama if bin Laden raid went bad [VIDEO]

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