Capitalists and Other Psychopaths

NYT Co., a Multi-Billion Dollar Enterprise, Publishes ‘Capitalists and Other Psychopaths’

Psycho-capitalism? The overwhelmingly liberal readership of the New York Times is predictably eating up a charged story in the increasingly academic and hard-left Sunday Review section, “Capitalists And Other Psychopaths,” by left-wing essayist William Deresiewicz, a critic who often writes for The Nation. Bringing the article to life is a cartoon of two men with painted smiles torturing ants with a magnifying glass. The text box: “Rich people are more likely to lie, cheat and break the law. No surprise.”

As of Monday afternoon it was the paper’s second-most read and e-mailed story (behind a more substantive Times magazine cover story on diagnosing children as psychopaths), as liberal readers ironically used tools honed and perfected by capitalists to spread a tale — published by a capitalist organization, the New York Times Company, with revenues of $2.3 billion in 2011 — of the utter wickedness of capitalists.  Continue reading at:

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