Liberals Will Act Within 24 Hours If Obamacare Is Struck Down

Liberals Plan Propaganda Campaign to Sway Media After Obamacare Ruling.

A month before the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare, liberal supporters are already planning an aggressive propaganda campaign to sway media coverage and public opinion.

The focus of the liberal public-relations campaign will be on “real people” — individuals who can speak about the impact of the ruling regardless of what the Supreme Court decides. A newly released memo, first published by BuzzFeed, suggests liberals should adapt their message and events to defend government-run health care.  PLEASE continue reading at The Foundry (

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  1. joe from tampa says:

    i dont see the issue with obamacare. it’s identical to romney care, which the republicans supported. so both parties should be behind obamacare. oh wait, since obama is a democrat, it’s evil now, but when romney was doing it it’s fine. republicans for teh lulz.

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