America Has a Brand-New Benedict Arnold

Benedict Roberts“The Obamacare Supreme Court ruling seemed strange. Chief Justice John Roberts’ reasoning was incoherent. The conservative’s dissent read like it was originally meant to be a majority opinion. Now, we know why. According to Jan Crawford of CBS News, John Roberts switched sides in May, withstanding a “one-month campaign” from his conservative colleagues to change his mind.” – Avik Roy

“Obamacare is now essentially upheld. There’s only one way it can be overturned. The same way it was passed – elect a new president and a new Congress. That’s undoubtedly what Roberts is saying: ‘Your job, not mine. I won.’” – Charles Krauthammer

I firmly believe that Justice Roberts thought that with president Obama’s record of destroying the economy and our Liberties over the past four years, that there was no way he would be reelected.  And that the new president and the new congress would repeal Obamacare.  Well I guess he just underestimated the ineptness of the of the Republican party, the power of the statist media, and though it pains me to say it, the stupidity of the American people.

On November 7th, the day after the election, I tweeted the following:
Roberts Tweet
I was angry.  I really meant what I wrote, but I was angry.  I’m still angry.  People will be denied treatment.  People will die!

From  He single-handedly delivered the swing vote to approve Obamacare and perhaps even crushed the American health system that has been the envy of the world.

WND has selected U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. for its first-ever Benedict Arnold Award. [emphasis added]

“There are lots of bad guys out there who would qualify as ‘Villain of the Year,’ but precious few candidates for the ‘Benedict Arnold Award,’” explained WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian. “Benedict Arnold, after all, was a good guy; he was an American general in the Revolutionary War who fought valiantly on behalf of the Continental Army – that is, until, for reasons yet unknown, he defected to the British side and betrayed the cause he had formerly served.”  Continue reading about the Benedict Arnold Award at

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