Are We Done Yet?

lou-holtz_1Lou Holtz After Obama’s Inauguration:  ‘I’m Done, Finished, the Country’s Over With, We’re Not Doing This Again!’

Former Notre Dame coach and ESPN commentator Lou Holtz has spent decades giving individuals pep talks, both on and off the football field. But the re-election of President Barack Obama caused the legendary coach to seek out someone else for inspiration: Speaker of the House John Boehner.

During an address to the Ripon Society on Tuesday, Boehner revealed that Holtz consulted him via text messages on Monday night following Obama’s inauguration.

“Last night, I got a three-page text from my good friend Lou Holtz, who must have watched the inaugural and then all that blabber on TV…: ‘I’m done, finished, the country’s over with — we’re not doing this again!,’” Boehner recounted.

The text was not the first time Holtz voiced pessimism about the president.  Read the complete article the

Author’s message to Lou Holtz:  Lou baby, I love you and I share your frustrations.  But you contacted cry baby RINO, John Boehner?  I bet that cheered you right up!   What about texting Trey Gowdy?  Or maybe Mike Lee, or Rand Paul?  How ’bout Louie Gohmert, Steve King, or Jason Chaffetz?  Or maybe even newcomer superstar, Ted Yoho?  You know, the guy who beat Cliff Stearns in the primary and is actually voting like he said he would?   ADB

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