Public Buses and Blackout Windows: What are they hiding behind those Foster Grants?

April 1, 2013 by Barb Haselden
Watchdog Wire
Black Window Smartbus

As public buses in Pinellas County, Florida, get larger and longer, the windows get blacker and blacker. Here we see pictured (right) one of the eight brand new buses delivered in February to add to their ever growing fleet of 200 buses.

Each new bus costs $600,000 courtesy of the taxpayers. 

Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) justifies the escalated cost of these newer models because they carry 14 more passengers than the older models, they save fuel, however that can be, and most importantly, the buses were purchased through Federal Grant money, so, who cares how much they cost anyway, is the inferred message to the public stated in the Tampa Bay Times.


GAINESVILLE, FL Regional Transit System Bus

But why the black windows?

Is anyone in those buses? Who can tell? Do we need the extra 14 seats? Do we need the new buses? Do we need the old buses? What is the actual public transportation need for such excessive spending and agency expansion as we watch countries such as Cyprus grab bank accounts to cover government spending and debt?

Are the bus windows in your town black?

Or perhaps your transit agency has chosen fun graphics on their windows, another effective way of hiding the true occupants as the bus travels from stop to stop, day in and day out. Whenever a bus goes by, as it passes between me and the sun revealing its contents, I try to capture the outlines of the occupants and almost always there are only one or two or maybe as many as five silhouettes seated on the $600,000 mega-bus. Continue reading on:

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