How Margaret Thatcher turned around Great Britain, in one chart

James Pethokoukis | April 8, 2013, 8:38 am Thatcher Time

“My job is to stop Britain going red.” – Margaret Thatcher, Nov. 3, 1977.

But the former UK prime minister, who died today, did far more than that. The Iron Lady reversed decades of statist policies that had turned Britain into the sick man of Europe. And in the process, Thatcherism provided inspiration for the burgeoning free-market revolution in America, as well. She privatized. She cut taxes. She busted unions. As economist Scott Sumner has noted, “Britain had lagged other European economies for decades, growing far more slowly than most economies on the continent. Thatcher’s reforms were among the most comprehensive in the world.”  Read more at:

Hat tip:  Jedediah Bila

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