Hey Gang of Eight: We Have Some Questions for You

Gang of EightIs anyone else a little bit nervous about how fast things are moving in Washington these days?  We’ve given our bodies to the government (Obamacare) and if we’re not careful, our Second Amendment rights will be history.  And the amnesty is steaming down the tracks like a freight train. Amnesty Light is still amnesty.  Bud Light has fewer calories than their regular brew, but it will get you just as drunk!  I think most of us know by now that counting on the Republicans to stand strong is wishful thinking.  And as far as the Gang of Eight is concerned, I don’t think I want any gang determining my future.

I’ve selected three articles on immigration and posted the links here.  This is some good information:


Even the mainstream liberal media weighs in.  Please read the comments below the article. Some of them are priceless.

This one is by Phyllis Schlafly, one of the best Conservative minds out there.

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