New ExxonMobil TV Spot Promotes Common Core

It’s Saturday afternoon.  It’s been a hard week.  Now it’s time to relax, turn on the TV and kick back.  I think I’ll watch the Masters?  Great.  But just as I’m getting into it, they break to commercial.  No problem I say, I’ll grab a malt beverage.  But then I hear the narrator and it hits me like a ton of bricks:

“Forty five states have joined together to ensure consistent academic standards [italics mine] across America.  These internationally recognized benchmarks unlocking a better way to prepare our children for college and their careers.  Because when our kids do better, America does better.  Let’s reach higher, let’s invest in our teachers and inspire our students.  Lets solve this.”

Oh my God, they’re taking our healthcare, our financial system, our First and Second Amendment rights, our Big Gulps, and on and on and on.  And now they want our kids.

The Orwellian horrors of Common Core in a “nutshell” (pun intended).

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