Wolf Blitzer, Where’s My Personal Apology?

Attribution:  Bob Gorrell, gorrellart.com, creators.com

Attribution: Bob Gorrell, gorrellart.com, creators.com

Now that Wolf Blitzer, and the rest of his team at CNN have officially reported on the two new suspects in Monday’s horrendous bombing of the Patriot’s Day Marathon in that fine city, I wish to know exactly how those, “objective,” journalists are going to account for themselves, having accused me personally of committing this heinous act? So sure were they, that some 45 to 70 year old nut job, who still remembers being taught the basics of our Constitution in that ancient experience formerly known as a decent education pulled off this bombing of their fellow citizens, that they spent most of the day Monday pointing their fingers directly at us, the people who make up the Tea Party. Continue reading at: musingsofamadconservative.com.

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