Rep. Hank Johnson (Dem. GA) Strikes Again: “Imagine a World Without Balloons” – See Videos

Not to worry, Mr. Johnson may have enough hot air on his own to inflate all the birthday balloons for all the kids in America.  From Rush Limbaugh on April 26:

…Yesterday on the House floor during debate on federal helium reserve management — did you know that we have a problem with helium?  We do.  We have a helium problem, and we need to better manage our reserves of it.  And so Hank Johnson weighed in.

JOHNSON:  I rise in full support of the Responsible Helium Administration and Stewardship Act.  I’m pleased to support this bill which shows that this Tea Party Congress will make the tough choice to keep children’s birthday parties on schedule and give industries that rely on helium the lift that they deserve.  Imagine, Mr. Speaker, a world without balloons…

This is the same Hank Johnson who feared in 2010 (see below video) that Guam would tip over into the sea if we sent more troops there.  The saddest part of this story is that he has been reelected twice since then.

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