Pigford Scandal – Breitbart Finally Vindicated (Watch Videos)

Maybe Andrew is resting just a little more peacefully now that the New York Times has finally published the truth about the Pigford Settlement scandal.  Last week the Times ran a 5,000 word front page story entitled “U.S. Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination.”

“A handful of black farmers who arguably were discriminated against in their dealings with the Agriculture Department were exploited by a racial grievance industry empowered by a government and a president out to fundamentally transform America.” – Investors.com.

Good thing the New York Times didn’t tell its readers about this before the election!  They might have gotten some funny ideas about holding Barack Obama accountable.

“This disaster had everything we’ve come to expect from President Solyndra’s operations: reckless disregard for legal safeguards, taxpayer money thrown around with wild abandon, political hacks overriding the judgment of career agency officials, and millions of dollars vanishing into the shadows…” – John Hayward, HumanEvents.com.

Michele Bachmann – Pigford Press Conference uploaded on Feb 14, 2011

The following two videos are from Ed Morrissey at hotair.com.

Breaking:  Pigford’s Players Signal Bigger Scandal Worthy of Investigation

See the New York Times story here.

Hat tip: Lee Stranahan for all your tenacious work for so long on this story.


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