Eric Holder Blames Congress For Mirandizing Boston Bomber

This past weekend Jesse Watters was at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and cornered Attorney General Eric Holder and asked him whose decision it was to Mirandize the Boston bomber in the hospital so quickly. Holder tried to blame Congress(?)

Holder: “It was Congress’s decision when they passed the law. The magistrate followed the law. We didn’t give anybody Miranda rights… You guys need to look at the law.”

Let’s see, Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber (excuse me, alleged), was singing like a canary, the FBI had at least thirty two more hours to question him under the Public Safety exception to the Miranda Act, and Attorney General Eric Holder abruptly steps in via a Federal magistrate and stops all questioning. I wonder how much more information we would have received had Mr. Holder had not intervened and just let the FBI do their job. Twisted!  An outrage but not at all surprising. Whose side is our current regime on?

Hat tip: Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit

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